The True Cost of a Good Cystic Acne Cure


Good Friday morning visitor! Well, if you must know – I’m feeling much better today than the last two days. My incision hurt like hell yesterday morning as expected, but today the pain is about one half of what it was yesterday. But I’m still very sore, and my little pain pump is almost dry too, my girlfriend will be removing the pump’s delivery tube later tonight for me. Hats off to whom ever came up with this idea, it’s a little 125 ml round plastic container that holds pain meds.

The darn thing works so incredibly well, I’d have been in a bunch more pain without it. Also, I’ve been popping Tylenol #3 with Codeine yesterday and last night too, what a life saver! I like the little buzz they give me, it’s kind of like a beer buzz. That’s bad huh? heh… The real life saver here is my girlfriend though. God bless her heart. Not only has she cooked and cleaned for me, but also she has changed the dressing on my wound once, and will change it again tonight after the pump is out and I finally can get a shower too. There are angels among us! An angel she is…

I’ll be back to work on my tea tree oil cystic acne cure in just under two weeks, and I’ll definatly be good and ready for work by then – it’s rather boring just sitting about all day with the remote control in hand and a cold drink in the other whilst my incision continues to throb away the hours. Uhg! I’ve not been sleeping well either, having to get up and pee every two hours or so. This whole problem with the hernia has certainly aggrivated my bladder and urinary tract. And my back too.

It could be worse!! Far worse. But I’m dreading the bills I’m about to receive in the mail from the hospital. I have a $150.00 bill for sure, but possibly about $500.00 or so in co-pays to be met for deductables. Sucks, but at least the insurance is covering most of it and I absolutely couldn’t go without the surgery either. I’ll have to head down to the hospital next week some time and sit down with the accounting department and set up a payment plan until this winter, when I’ll likely be able to pay off the entire remaining debt all at once.

Money makes the world go ’round? Money is the root of all evil? Take your pick. But we all spend our lives on a continuous quest for it, then we die and can take not one penny of it with us. So what value does money really have?? None what so ever. How we live our lives and what we do for others is more important.

Other Views:

—> Two thumbs down to the U.S. government for approving the “morning-after” pill. As the article states, this is indeed another step in the moral decay of the United States. In my world, only he who creates life, God the father, has the right to take a life. Anything else is purely murder and has nothing to do with “reproductive rights”. Michigan’s Planned Parenthood is leaping for joy over this disgusting decision. They call this “women’s health”. But Planned Parenthood should call themselves “pro-murder”, as should those women who favor abortion. No matter how you look at it, abortion is murder. God help those who are in favor of the murdering of innocent children. Murder is an evil thing indeed.

—> Two thumbs up to cystic acne diet for they’re planned random strikes against Northwest Airlines. This folks, is what the public gets for having to deal with these damned unions. If you are a regular visitor to Michigan Blog, you would know my position on unions, any of them. The day of the union has long since passed. Gone are the days when auto workers and others worked extreme hours for peanuts in pay. The unions are these days, nothing more than a way for these people to try and strong-arm any corporation into getting what they want. Sounds like extortion to me…

Union executives are all too often nothing more than a bunch of thugs, who take union dues and fail to use those dues in a way that those who pay them would like to see them used. I hope that one day, the U.S. will be free of the unions that cause so many problems for these corporations. Realistically, isn’t the airline industry under enough pressure these days with attempting to keep they’re passengers safe from a bunch of middle eastern towelheads who want nothing less than to murder innocent people? Add in the damned unions causing havoc for the airlines with they’re rediculous demands for this and that. The day of the union has long since passed away.

—> Detroit wants business as usual, rallies for Granholm. I’m telling you right now folks, until Detroit can find some REAL leadership, and get the democratic thinking out of the way, the city of Detroit will not begin to recover from it’s problems. My left sidebar claims that liberalism (democrats) is actually Socialism in disguise. I still believe it’s true.

Don’t misunderstand me, I like Detroit – it’s a great city still, but until some major changes are made in it’s leadership, nothing will get much better in the city. The first step is to get Republican or Consrvative leaders in office. But this isn’t likely to happen is it… Sad thing. Jennifer Granholm has had years to show the people of Michigan and Detroit what she can do. All I’ve seen this governor accomplish is to continually ask everyone to lower they’re flags to half-mast because unfortunatly, another soldier from Michigan was killed in the middle east.

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