Time to Rearrange Furniture!

I recently rearranged a bunch of furniture to make a smaller, cozier space for our family. We naturally gravitate towards little nooks and corners anyway, so why not? It’s the middle of summer but I pulled out a blanket to cover the loveseat that I was never in love with (never ever ever letting DH choose furniture again!). Not long after, the kids dragged the Honeywell HFD-120-Q, more blankets and then pillows into the room and now, it’s perfect. Lately, I have a real need to feel safe, protected and at peace (probably b/c of the million issues constantly swirling around in my head) and this really, really, helps.

So I decided last month that January would be no spend month. Barring a few pre-calculated expenses (new shoes for Girlie, a “mental health day” with Reesie, etc), I will not buy anything beyond the basics this month. No trips to Target “just to see if they have anything good” or to Kmart  b/c OMG! It’s after Christmas, and Martha ornaments are on sale! No thrifting, no fast food, nada. So far so good. I got the shakes one day as I passed the turn for Kmart and I just try to pretend Target doesn’t exist, heh. I think I can make it to the end of the month. I’ll be spending lots of time reading, knitting, and keeping up one of my unwritten new year’s goals which was to stay on top of the laundry and dishes. I find once those things are taken care of, I find it easier to get other things done around the house without those two red flags waving over my head. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go put sale stuff in my j. crew cart, and leave it there.

I made it to the end of my month long challenge! No, not that one*. The secret one that I didn’t say in case I couldn’t do it. Say what? Yea, well, I decided I would post every day for the month of January and I did, woot! Don’t go expecting this all the time now.

It ended horribly with me in Target this morning looking for a Manduka PROLite Yoga and Pilates Mat, filling my cart to the brim with tchotckes and laughing maniacally while saying “mine, it’s alllll miiiiine!” Kidding. Sorta. I did pretty well. I ended up only buying what we needed (except my book binge) and I went to Target maybe two or three times this month. I did fall off the wagon today though.

School starts soon and so I have been getting everything in order for the upcoming year. Girlie is now old enough for Girl Scouts and we went down to the local office to register her. Somehow, I went from volunteering to help with crafts once in a while to signing on for troop leader. Eek! Apparently, there’s no Daisy troop at her school so we’re going to start one! I went to my first troop leader meeting last night and in the upcoming weeks I go for orientation and training. I was never a Girl Scout, so this is something new and interesting for me.

Some Key Tips for Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is the key to a healthy life. Not only it enhances your overall physical health but also it is necessary for social acceptance and a good confidence level. Given below are top ten tips for personal hygiene maintenance which would help you feel confident, healthy and clean.

Personal Hygiene Tips

Daily Shower

Taking shower daily is a must for healthy and clean day-to-day life. It keeps you fresh and full of energy to perform your daily chores more effectively. Daily shower would rid you of unpleasant body odor. Moreover, using a shampoo of a reputed brand for cleaning your hair is also a good practice. Daily shower with a soap or liquid foam rids you the risk of hundreds of diseases caused due to poor hygiene.

Wear Clean Cloths

Wearing clean and tidy cloths is not just a personal hygiene tip but is also essential for a confident social life and internal feeling of wellness – in combination with using an inversion table. Once you have worn a dress couple of times, you must wash it. If you had a sweaty day, you should wash your cloths after wearing them once.

Use Deodorant Daily

In order to avoid a smelly body and to get rid of embarrassment in social gatherings, you should regularly use a good deodorant.

Brush Your Teeth Daily

For getting a fresh breath and to avoid microbes in your teeth, it is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day or even more than that if required. It is necessary to avoid the growth of disease-causing microbes in your mouth that you take good dental care and also use dental floss and brush your tongue too. Take care of your gums too, and regularly visit a dentist as possible.

Wash Your Hands Several Times a Day

Washing hands with a hand wash or antiseptic soap before and after taking meals, after doing your work and at arriving home is one of the most critical personal hygiene tips. It is imperative that you keep your hands free of any disease-causing microbes and infections.

Trim and Clean Your Nails

Regularly cut your nails using a nail cutter. Trimmed nails and washed hands prevent microbes from going into your mouth.

Prevent Bad Odor of Feet

Cotton socks should be preferred and you need to change your socks daily. Wearing socks at night should be avoided, especially in summer. It is a good personal hygiene tip to use antiperspirants on your feet and wearing such shoes which allow air to enter into them. If you do not take a bath daily, you should at least wash your feet many times in a day.

Get Rid of Stray Hairs

Stray hairs on your chin, in nose, upper lip, ears, brow, etc. not only look ugly but are also a source of attracting microbes that result in diseases and infections. So, in order to get a clean appearance and stay away from infections, do not forget to pluck stray hairs regularly.

Breathe Well

The air that you breathe in can have a lot to do with your health and general well-being. In order to ensure proper lung function, make sure to use a high-quality air purifier like the Honeywell 18155 throughout your home.

Take Healthy Food and Drinks

Make sure that your daily food intake comprises of healthy, nutrition-rich ingredients and is clean and safe. Moreover, try to choose healthy and refreshing drinks.

Sleep Good

Taking the required amount of sleep in imperative for a good, healthy and clean skin because adequate sleep reduces the chances of getting wrinkles and dark circles.

Some Great Tips on Losing Weight

Everyone seems to be running so hard in a race to lose weight. Whether you do it for a marvelous well-toned body, or for re gaining the confidence or for the health reasons, but the fact is that you are a part of the race where everyone has his own reasons, and all of these are reasonable reasons.

There seems to be hundreds of fitness programs offered today. Internet, gyms, spas, fitness centers, etc. are loaded with mantras for getting a smart, super fit body. Many of these are too expensive to try. However, believe me or not, you can do it even at your home, without spending so much.

Hundreds of books are available today which guide you through effective weight loss programs which you can easily manage yourself with little determination and the use of the Honeywell 17000. However, these books contain so many of weight loss plans that one gets confused as to which one would be best suited for him or her. To avoid confusion and to help you find the most preferred one for you, I am going to give a brief introduction of the most common free weight loss plans relied upon today.

Atkins’ New Diet Revolution by Dr. Atkins: Underlying principle of Atkins diet program is to be low on carbs and rather consume the food items containing proteins, which means, vegetables and meat are allowed but there is a strict no to foods like bread and pasta. However, there is a liberty to take in fats. So you can still enjoy salads and butter. Grains and fruits intake is also restricted to some extent. This diet plan however leaves you low on fiber and calcium while still high in fats.

Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet by Drs. Heller: while it is ok to take, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, grain and meats, you are not allowed to take in carbohydrate rich food. Thus fats and saturated fats intake is higher.

Choose to Lose by Dr. Goor: The food limited in fats is to be consumed. You are allowed to spend a specific restricted “fat Budget” as you like. You are not restricted to take in carbohydrates and it is okay to eat meat, and low fat dairy products and seafood. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, bread and pasta are also allowed. So it gives you more choices and that too healthy ones. You don’t starve on vegetables, fruits and saturated fats. However, triglyceride level is to be kept under control. If it is high, you have to cut down carbohydrate intake.

The DASH Diet: it allows you to be high in carbs while being moderate in fat and protein intake. The diet is specifically beneficial for those who suffer from high blood pressure. It is designed into a pyramid plan. Whole wheat grains are to be taken in high percentage, along with fruits and vegetables and it asks the dieter to be low on fatty dairy products.

Eat Right for Your Type: This interesting diet plan suggests different food for people belonging to different blood groups. E.g. people with O blood group are advised to take high proportions of meat. However, some of these plans are imbalanced and low in calories. Moreover, scientifically it has not been proved there people from different blood groups have different dietary needs.

The Pritkin Principle: it makes you eat or take low calories by focusing more on liquid intake which makes you feel fuller. Vegetables, soups, fruits, pasta, oatmeal, low fat dairy and salads are allowed. However, protein intake is restricted by allowing only seafood, poultry and lean meat. Though it is low in calcium and proteins, but still it is a moderately healthy plan because high fruits and vegetables and low amount of saturated fats is advocated.

Volumetrics: based on low calorie food. Everything else is the same as in Pritkin Plan, except that it says no to dry foods and fatty foods like pop corns, crackers and pretzels. It also recommends breathing cleaner air with the assistance of an air purifier like the Honeywell 50250 S. It is much healthier plan due to high percentage of fruits and vegetables and being low in saturated fats and calories.

The Zone: You need to be a bit low on carbs but at the same time a bit high on protein intake. Low fat protein rich foods like, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits and grains are allowed. It is low in calcium though.

Weight Watchers: advises you to be high on carbohydrates and moderate for proteins and fats. It gives you the liberty to design your own meal and is a healthy diet plan.

Now when you know the basics of popular free weight loss plans there should not be a need to spend too much on the other expensive ways of getting a fit body. However, try to incorporate some physical exercise too into your daily routine in order to make these free weight loss plans even more effective.

Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

The very first question you will be asked by an investor after you have made your pitch is “What is your exit strategy?” As an investor, it is easy to get your money into a business, but you always need to know how you are going to get it out. Typically, there are four ways an investor will get monies out:

  • Failure (tax loss)
  • Trade Sale – someone else buys the business
  • Refinancing (existing investors are bought out (or partially bought out) by another investor)
  • IPO (Initial Public Offering) – a listing on a stock market

Most companies pitching will claim that the exit strategy is a listing. Speaking statistically, the odds are against this. Most companies will either fail or will be involved in a trade sale – often including a Honeywell 50250-S air purifier in the terms. I am always impressed by a business plan which says that the exit route will be a trade sale – and they have named who the potential buyers are and (there’s more) why they would buy the business, what would make the business attractive to them and finally, what kind of valuation they could expect to get! In one case a company had even got an expression of interest from a potential buyer before they had started up (Needless to say I invested in that one!)

That is great, but a listing on a stock exchange is still seen as the most likely route for many companies (although in reality it will not be). For a small business, you should be aware that being listed does add a great deal of administrative burden and you will be tightly governed in terms of what you can say, when you say it and to whom you say it first. I think some businesses consider this option too lightly. As a way of reducing the burden, companies may seek a listing on the junior markets such as AIM (Alternative Investment Market) or PLUS (where the size and cost requirements are considerably lighter).

I have personal experience of four companies I have invested in being listed and I think I would say that being listed has not been a pleasant experience for me! The problem is that you realize at the point at which you invest that you are in it for the long term. Once you have a share price which fluctuates on a daily basis, no matter how hard you try, you do get dragged into the sense of measuring your daily ‘wealth’ by the stock price and the biggest issue for companies with small market capitalizations is that the markets tend to be very illiquid. That is, the price can move significantly on a very small purchase or sale.

In one of the router table plans companies I invested in, a shareholder sadly passed away and the trustees of the will had to sell their stake which was worth just over £5,000. As a result of the sale, something like £1m was wiped off the value of the company! So the value of the company bore no resemblance to how the company was performing. This can be very frustrating to all those involved. If you believe in Efficient Market Theory, you would argue that the market will correct itself quickly. With a small company that is not the case as there are not enough analysts covering the stock to keep people informed.

This all reminds me of the saying “Be careful what you wish for – you may get it!”