How Cystic Acne Is Affected By The Weather


Or so it seems… It’s just a large snow squal passing over, but it sure looked great. And it also was just enough to send me home for the day too. To hell with this, I can work on it tomorrow, it’ll all be there waiting, I assure you. I was out on the north section attempting to blow some leaves into the crick when this little dandy started up and proceeded to get me all wet and shivering. Enough was enough, so here I sit! Ahhh yes, Michigan living has it’s moments.

Today is also the first day I’ve had to use a treatment for cystic acne this season, to any great length due to the fact that it’s now nice and cool out there at a current temperature of thirty two point five. Yes! I’m a warm person… By this I mean that ever since I can remember, I am usually very warm to the touch, and tend to overheat easily in the summer months. Ask anyone who knows me well. Because of this, I have always liked the cold weather. It feels cool and comfortable to me during winter, when properly dressed. Michigan is indeed the place for people like me. Let it snow!

This beats sweating your butt off… Cold is goood!

Blown Out…

This morning on the way home from my girlfriend’s place, I noticed that something sounded really bad in the right rear of the car. I suspected, and quickly verified by stopping and having a look, that my right rear tire had gone totally flat. Fortunatly, I was about one eighth of a mile from a tire store that was just opening up for the day. Seventeen bucks and a patched tire later, I was headed home after eating breakfast down the street whilst they repaired my blowout.

It was a piece of steel that got rammed into the tire somehow. Could be worse. All of my tires are shit on that car, and the guy at the tire shop noticed it too, but he won’t be selling me new tires because the lease on this car is about eleven thousand miles from the turn-in time. Sorry buddy, no sale! Funny how every day of our lives are so different… Thank God for this.

Content, Please?

Since I decided a few days back to remove literally and figuritively, all the politics from Michigan Blog, I’ve come to realize that I may well not be posting too much any longer. That is to say that I’ve simply run out of post material. My life with the daily working and stuff around the house is just not enough to keep anyone coming back I have to say. What do you think?? My life is pretty dull man, and the best part of any day these days is when I’m with my gal. Mmmmm. Yummy.

So if there is nothing new here several days in a row, now you know why – I’m working on how to get rid of severe acne. Especially you, Craig! You are one of three loyal visitors to this site that I can verify. Others are lurkers, and there are a lot of them too. But that’s ok. I don’t mind that, but having the guts to leave a comment once in a while would be nice too. I don’t bite, lurkers, really I don’t! Except my girlfriend. Heh…

Well people, time for me to get cleaned up and head out of this place… I’ve got to go get a flu shot today, and pay three more bills that happened to pop out of noplace yesterday. Shit. I’ll be at T’s place tonight – again. I have some chicken to grille, and some home made french fries American Fries to make for her and her son tonight. Oh, and some Zima to drink too.

Have a fine day people, I’m back here later… Maybe.

Important Steps to Take if You Have Cystic Acne


Cystic acne is considered by dermatologists to be one of the most serious forms of acne, and anyone who has it should always seek treatment from an acne expert.

What Causes Cystic Acne?

What causes cystic acne? Though not all of the causes of cystic acne are fully understood, we are aware that cystic acne involves a closed sac comprised of a tissue containing semi-solid substance, and a gaseous fluid inside of it. The cysts can come in a range of different sizes which reach up to about 5 millimeters and can appear on any part of the body.

Even after the cysts are gone, they can form a scar which can be a source of long-term embarrassment. Most dermatologists have categorized cystic acne as one of the most dangerous forms of acne simply because the topical medications like the Murad and proactive skin products are not able to penetrate down to its roots. Cystic acne may also take a much longer time before it completely heals.

It is strongly recommended to let dermatologists handle cystic acne treatment cases since they can provide oral medicines and prescription lotions which will work better than anything you can get over the counter.

Medications for Cystic Acne

When it comes to medications, Isotretinoin is often considered the most effective cystic acne treatment drug. It is a drug type that is capable of reducing sebum production – which has the power to dry out the acne. Isotretinoin is available in pill form, and it is the only type of prescription capable of curing acne inflammation, reducing excess oil production, and reducing the appearance of clogged pores on the skin. The usual Isotretinoin treatment will last for up to 20 weeks. You likely won’t need any other treatment form when using Isotretinoin, apart from basic hygiene upkeep.

There can be, however, several side effects. Birth defects have been associated with using the Isotretinoin drug, so medical experts won’t recommend the drug to pregnant women. Any patient, pregnant or not, who is under Isotretinoin should keep in touch with their dermatologist for frequent checkups to help monitor any additional side effects.

If you’re more interested in home remedies than prescription medications, you should probably stop here and check out

Another type of drug which is commonly prescribed for cystic acne is synthetic steroids. They help reduce the production of hormones which are responsible for oil stimulation. The cystic acne experts will always recommend having the cyst drained in case the oral contraceptives don’t entirely work. This acne lancing should always be performed by professionals.

Dermatologists discourage squeezing or pricking the cystic acne since it will lead to infection which will actually make it last longer. A dermatologist should always handle any case of inflamed cysts. They will often decide to apply a diluted corticosteroid dose which will help in speeding up the healing process and reduce most of the inflammation. The procedure is usually painless, and significant results are frequently recorded within a week.

Wrapping It Up

Cystic acne is one of the most frustrating types of acne, but there are a number of great prescription medications and treatments which can help. There are also many home treatments which, while not as effective, can offer significant relief for even the most severe sufferers.