Standing Corrected


I stand corrected.  I have decided that since I am somewhat opinionated in my writings about our president, I should confess when I am wrong.  I previously wrote and complained that he made numerous promises on the campaign trail and then broke them immediately after his election.  Although I still think that is the case, there is one promise I was wrong about.

When he promised to be transparent, I thought that he meant transparancy concerning the bills being writtten and pushed through congress.  He did say something about going line by line and no more pork, and I even thought he intended to post the bills online so the citizens could read for themselves what congress was up to.  Silly Me!  He was talking about transparancy regarding the CIA and our military secrets.

It seems, in his never ending quest to continue to dump on our former president and his policies, we are going to show the world and our enemies exactly what we’ve been up to with our prisoners.  We want our enemies, the same enemy who would lie a man down on his side, saw off his head, and record it for all the world to see, yes that enemy, to know that we just might put him in a room with a few of those god awful caterpillars, if he doesn’t cooperate.  We might not let him sleep, we might play loud music, oh and what about naked pictures, that one put the fear of Alla into them.some time ago with that whole Abu Gharib debacle. Can’t you just picture Osama Bin Laden sitting in a cave roasting marshmellows over a fire and getting a good chuckle out of us.

On a serious note, some of these secrets should remain secret, if indeed we intend to win this war.  Oh here I go again, we’re not at war and there is no such thing as a terrorist.  As I said before, I stand corrected.

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