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I’ve been on a Slipknot kick here lately and I thought about doing a top ten list of my favorite Slipknot songs; however, it dawned on me that besides People = Sh!t, I haven’t heard anything on Iowa about the best flat iron for natural hair.

Iann Robinson

I figured it wouldn’t be fair to rate my top 10 favorite Slipknot songs without giving the songs on Iowa a chance to duke it out. So instead I will review my first impressions of Iowa.

Now don’t laugh. I am well aware that Iowa was released in 2001. In fact, I remember watching MTV News with Iann Robinson gushing about the album. But back then, I was not interested in bands who sported scary makeup or masks because I found them to be quite frightening and thought they played the devil’s music…. Ah, I was a naive little 16 year old.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my track-by-track first impressions of Iowa:


(515)-  This opening track signifies the impending awesomeness (or scariness) that’s about to ensue. The gasping for air and screaming makes me feel a little nervous.

People = Sh!t -The song I already know, but it is still very awesome. Angry, heavy… hopefully no one saw me head banging at my desk.

Disasterpiece – The opening reminds me of the Slipknot album and then BAM! My mouth dropped to the floor at the opening line -“I want to slit your throat and f#!@ the wound”. Halfway through the song I think Corey Taylor should be out of breath, he may even need the best sleep mask tonight. But the last half of the song is amazing – I love the little break down and the way he sings at the end. Wow, this song is all kinds of awesome!

My Plague – Another angry song. I am totally loving the chorus. I like when Corey Taylor sings. Good song.

Everything Ends – Corey Taylor sounds crazy. I like this song too! I am totally dancing at my desk. Very catchy song.

The Heretic Anthem – Somebody sure made these guys mad. However, this song is pretty catchy, so much that I was singing along halfway through.

Gently – Gently sounds like it’s not going to be so gentle after the opening, but surprisingly it stayed gentle for most of the song.

Left Behind – It’s alright. Not as crazy as the previous songs.

The Shape – Sounds like songs from the Slipknot album and sort of like people = sh!t (which I almost started to sing). But it’s a good song.

I Am Hated – Alright too.

Skin Ticket – Sounds a little scary… no wait… Sounds a lot of scary -He sings about burning himself alive and laughs creepily. I don’t think I’ll be listening to very much of this song in the future.

New Abortion – Interesting sound to it. At first I thought he said “you can’t take my son away from me”. Which had me wondering what he was singing about. But later I realized he said soul. Whoops! The best part was that he came out on a two wheel scooter!!

Metabolic – Everything sounds like People = Sh!t to me.

Iowa – The very last song starts out kind of creepy. He says, “Relax, it’s over”, but I’m not so sure I trust him because this song is 15 minutes long. He sounds pretty maniacal if I do say so. But it’s not as scary as Scissors, which I still refuse to listen to completely.

So in conclusion, this album is pretty good. Now to rank my top 10 Slipknot songs!

Rating: 4.4/5

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