Mudslinging and Mowers


We all know that politics are vicious. Mudslinging is all too common on all levels of the electoral scene, and the candidates use every opportunity to take jabs at each other that they can. But this year, things are out of whack in the presidential race – and it seems that Sarah Palin, the newcomer and the brightest star on the political scene, is receiving the worst treatment of any of the four candidates.  And if you don’t believe that there is a liberal media bias against her, look at the following examples, especially when contrasted with Barrack Obama:

Notice that there is scarcely a negative word spoken against Obama, who has been the darling of the liberal media for quite some time. Even McCain hasn’t gotten used riding lawn mowers for sale too bad – yet.  And we hardly ever hear anything about Biden. But Sarah gets raked over the coals for just about everything. She gets criticized for her supposed lack of political experience, although she has been both a mayor AND a governor, neither of which Obama has done (and whose political record has not received anywhere near the kind of scrunity that Sarah’s has). And Sarah has also gotten attacked for things that have NOTHING to do with her leadership abilities, like her pregnant teenage daughter and the tanning bed she bought for her house.  Her words have been twisted out of proportion, vital information left out of some issues that could sway undecided voters, lies and rumors have been spread about her. The liberal media hates her guts and is trying everything within their power to take her down.

If you watched Sarah’s interview with Charlie Gibson, and then watch him interview Obama, you will notice a SIGNIFICANT difference. With Obama, Charlie is friendly, pleasant, relaxed. With used riding mowers, Charlie fires off questions like rounds from an uzi, never even smiling at her or letting her relax for even a moment; the aired interview was also heavily edited as well. It was more like watching a Gestapo interrogation than a real interview. Thankfully, Sean Hannity did MUCH better and we got to see a little more of the real Sarah during that talk.

So why is there so much venom directed at Sarah? It’s not just because she’s a woman, because I don’t recall Hillary Clinton coming in for the same treatment, even though her campaign wasn’t a bed of roses either. It’s because Sarah is a REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE woman, someone who doesn’t fit the typical flaming liberal feminist prototype. To be fair, there are some liberals out there who disagree with Sarah’s beliefs, but are not acting like ogres toward her. But others see her as a threat to their shrine of feminism and want her out of their way.

In spite of all this, Sarah has shown an amazing amount of grace under pressure, the kind of skewering that other candidates would have buckled under long ago. I wonder how long Obama would last if he had received the kind of treatment that Sarah has, since I believe he enjoys too much being a political celebrity. People would probably be crying “used zero turn mowers” if he was getting Sarah’s hard knocks. But because Sarah is a republican woman, it’s OK to do this to her?

I’m proud of having a candidate that can stand up to this kind of relentless grilling with grace and dignity – and without stooping to the level of meanness that her opponents have shown her. If Sarah Palin can make it to Election Day in one piece, I say that she certainly deserves to be Vice President of the United States. This is exactly the kind of person I want in the White House – and I’m backing her all the way.

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