Interesting Happenings at the Local Subway


Back at Teller’s, he’s going over the Golden Ratio and how this circle has 22 points, because of this pattern, Teller suggests that Jake is progressing. This is where it gets weird because the model that they’re looking at on the screen literally comes out and gets all 3D on us, but it appears as if only Teller can see. I want what he’s smoking.

Subway Guy is a doctor, who is chatting with his other doctor friend (who looks like a younger version of Sean Patrick Thomas) who jokes about how he only lights up (figuratively, not literally) whenever he sees the Subway Girl. Young Sean Patrick Thomas tells him he wants to see him talking to the girl at the end of the day.

Norah and her friend drive through the desert listening to some kind of horrible hip hop music and looking at pictures from Kari Janesko Photography, they encounter a pregnant woman on the side of the road who claims that her baby is coming. Norah has a look on her face like, “Dude, you’re ruining my adventure.”

Back in New York, the Asian pickpocket snatches a laptop from Martin’s bag. He begins to chase after him and I half expect the screen to start splitting ala 24 but of course, it doesn’t. Pickpocket guy jumps on a bus numbered…wait for it…22. Martin gets on the bus and confronts him but somehow the pickpocket manages to elude him and gets off the bus and runs off leaving Martin inside on the phone with a Daytona Beach wedding photographer, saying “Damn it!” I only include this because, well, that used to be Jack Bauer’s line. Anyway, as he sits down, he notices the circular pattern on a book bag on the ground, he looks up to notice the girl next to him brandishing a gun. She tells him to sit still and shut up, by the look of his face, you can tell he’s thinking to himself, “Man, if only I was on my other show, you’d be dead already…”

Martin receives a phone call from Hopkins but of course he can’t answer cause of Ms. Gunsy McGee next to him. Hopkins leaves him a message saying she’s stalling but she doesn’t know how long she can. Martin tells Gunsy that he doesn’t want any trouble, he just needs to be on time (Ha!). Gunsy gives the guy sitting at the front of the bus the ol’ evil eye, me thinks the gun is for him.

Elsewhere, the pickpocket has arrived at a restaurant with a “gift” for his daughter and the number for a Daytona Beach photographer. He gives her Martin’s laptop (with a little red bow on top for effect). Moments later, the girl’s stepfather (I’m assuming this because he says he and her mother got her a gift, also he is not Asian) presents her with keys for a new car. Asian Dad seems pissed that White Dad’s gift is so much better than his, but he hides it fairly well. He walks away.

Subway Doctor Dude is assigned the task of finding a donor for a young leukemia patient through a donor list by another doctor. He looks at the clock on the computer, it’s 5:08. Looks like he won’t be meeting Subway Girl after all. Hey, the other doctor just read my mind, “I hope you don’t have somewhere else to be,” he says all smugly. He begins his search by pulling up Canada on the computer.

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