How is the Client On Time?


Keeping the Client on Time

Public relations is about one thing: making the client look good. I don’t care if you’re running publicity for a restaurant, a small business, or Tom Cruise, your job is to help maintain their image. That means you need to be a lot of things all at the same time. You’re a guardian and protector, problem-solver, strategist, and babysitter.

In all my years working in the used riding lawn mowers game I’ve learned that spin is king and the one thing you must always be, is on time. These are both so important that I could very easily have that carved onto my tombstone. But what does that all mean, exactly? Glad you asked.

There are two kinds of PR specialists. The most common is the type who spends way too many hours in the office, writing up press releases, going to meetings, building relationships with brands and buyers, working the phones to book appearances, blogging, tweeting, planning photo opportunities, basically getting the word out about your client and how kick-ass awesome they are 24/7. You can be doing this as part of a company’s marketing department or in an independent publicity firm. Perhaps you have the aspirations to own your shingle someday. That’s great but you’re going to want to start out under someone else if you don’t have enough experience to ride a used Craftsman riding mower.

The other type of PR specialist is the one many of us dreamed of becoming when we decided to get into this business in the first place. The one often depicted on TV and in movies, traveling the world with all kinds of high-profile clients, going to photo shoots and attending the hottest parties, all with a generous expense account. Of course, when you own the firm you will likely be doing all of these things and more, accompanying star clients to publicity functions, meet and greet ops, and any important appearances. This is where always being on time comes into play. Protecting and cultivating your client’s or company’s image means getting them to their appointments when they’re supposed to be there.

What’s the best way to do that, you ask? Just be sure you have a great watch on your wrist at all times. I’ve found a military watch has the most features to help keep you organized and in charge. There are a whole range of great military watches to choose from, each one with features that make them convenient while remaining affordable like used John Deere mowers.

But finding the perfect choice among all of the different types of military watches can be challenging, so I checked out this website, and I was able to learn more about what my options were. The PR business takes discipline and dedication, and that extends to the type of watch you wear. Your clients are counting on you to be in control of their brand, their image, and their livelihood. How can they trust you with theirs if you’re not in taking care of yours? Stay on top of it all, and remember: spin is king and always be on time.

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