Getting the Perfect Festival Nails


Festival Season is well and truly upon us, so whether you’re heading towards Glastonbury, the Isle of Wight, Leeds, Reading or where ever your passion for music, literature, arts etc. take you, you’ll want to make sure that your hands stay refreshed, and your nails absolutely beautiful!

And for that reason, we’re here to give you your Guide to Festival Nails:

Hand Wash

These days, most women carry small bottles of Hang Gels in their hand bags, so this one pretty much goes without saying really. The majority of festivals are renowned for being dirty, sweaty places, where you don’t know who or what you might find yourself touching – maybe even a Borg Warner S366 or coming into contact with (hey, we’re not here to judge!) So, having a Hand Wash/Gel handy is going to have its uses.

The great thing about hand gels, is that they were practically designed for events such as festivals, or places where you can’t get a water tap, because they don’t require water, it dries instantly and kills anything that may have attached themselves to your hands.

There are so many different hang gels on the market today, but our favorites is definitely the Carex Hand Gel Aloe Vera. It professes to kill 99.9% of bacteria, and the Aloe Vera means that it will not only leave your hands looking and smelling fresh, but they’ll be soft too. It will last you ages, and if you buy it from your local Boots store, it will only cost you a mere 69p (down from $1.38) – brilliant!


Travelling light is the key when heading off to Festivals, so you really don’t want to be carrying around a sack full of base coats, top coats, colors etc. So, opting for a 3-in-1 polish is definitely a brilliant idea. Having a 3-in-1 also means that if you don’t have much time, or space, you’re only having to do each nail once, without waiting for them to dry before the next coat…that is just wasting valuable drinking/music/whatever time!

BarryM’s 3-in-1 Nail Paint, is perfect for this. Consisting of a Base Coat, a top Coat and a Nail Hardener, this little bottle saves the space of three annoying bottles, and ensures that your nails look great, whilst being protected against knocks, scrapes, breakages, nicks etc.

You can purchase BarryM’s Nail Paint, from Superdrug, Boots or the official BarryM website.

Nail Varnish Remover

A big bottle of Nail Varnish Remover and a bag of an adequate amount of cotton wool, really doesn’t fit in with the whole idea of travelling light, really does it? Yeah, we didn’t think so either, but there are actually several space-saving alternatives that you could try out instead.

  1. Boots Expert Nail Polish Remover Pen. As you might guess, this is a pretty compact little device, in a similar size to your bog-standard writing pen, so it’s a pretty handy sized gadget for a festival. It is perfect for getting rid of polish that has strayed onto your skin, cuticles or even under your nails. At $5, it isn’t particularly cheap, but we think it’s worth it.
  1. Quickies Nail Polish Remover Pads. These handy little pads, come in a travel-easy box containing 20, which doesn’t seem a lot, but one pad goes a long way. And at a dirt cheap $1.89, they’re not exactly going to be breaking the bank! All you do is wipe the pad across your nail, the same way as with cotton wall and all traces of polish has disappeared! You can even fit it comfortable in your Fjallraven Kanken.
  2. Pretty Quick Acetone Free Instant Nail Polish Remover. This is actually a product, that up until recently, I didn’t even know existed! All you have to do, is remove the lid, place your finger into the nail polish-rich sponge, twist your finger around and the sponge will remove your nail polish in a flash! What we love about this, is that it avoids making a mess from spillages, which is really great. Plus, at only $2.25, we think that this is an absolute steal!

And now your hand sand nails are ready for whatever is thrown at them. So, where ever you’re taking your hands this summer, remember to share your experiences with us, as you enjoy your nails.

Music and Photography at the Mansion


My experience with House music is admittedly limited, but this past Saturday I was convinced to go see the stylings of DJ Hernan Cattaneo through the eyes of a Daytona Beach wedding photographer. We bought tickets online for the show for $30 which felt a little steep, but I was willing to give it a shot, so at 10pm we got in a cab and headed out.

The Mansion is a club in the Meat Packing district that we almost walked right by at first owing to a general lack of signage that I’ve come to expect of trendy Meat Packing clubs, but once we got inside we quickly realized how huge the place was. After dropping coats off upstairs, we descended down to the bar area. Actually, the first bar area was more like a very large anteroom, with the main club area lying deeper in.

After crossing a hallway flanked by flaming beds of stones, we were in the heart of the club. A large bar and a VIP area in front made up the main room, with an upstairs lounge circling the back of the club. Early on, I realized the bar was too expensive for my blood at $10 for a shot and $16 for mixed drink, so I determined it would be a sober evening. I did try ordering a glass of water, but it was crowded, so I waited for about 10 minutes to get a bartenders attention, only to wait another 10 minutes to get it after I’d ordered it, which made my already sober experience just that much more unpleasant. I sat there the entire time looking at food steamer reviews.

Upstairs was muuuch better. It was less crowded and had a better view of the DJ booth giving us a good place to settle in and dance, which we did for five hours straight! The house DJ opened, and for the most part was pretty awesome, though unfortunately I don’t know his name. Hernan Cattaneo was also good, and the club’s special effects kicked into high gear for his performance with strobes, giant jets of fog, and dancing girls in their underwear. He did nearly make my ears bleed with about 2 minutes worth of straight feedback noise, but otherwise the entire show was spot-on.

The bottom line is that this club is way too expensive to go to unless you really love house music and a club scene with perhaps a touch of euro-flavor to it. The tickets weren’t cheap, the drinks were egregious, and the VIP area was bottle-service only with $1000 price tag attached. That being said, if you avoid the expenses and stick to the balcony area, you’ll be fine – even without your own professional Daytona Beach photography expert. I wouldn’t recommend this spot though, unless you have a very specific reason for going.